Halloween 2021, Kid's Box 4 and 5

Your task is to write a short story about a silly spider.  You should write 5 or 6 sentences.  Your story must start with this sentence:  There once was a spider called…..

For eample:

There once was a spider called Jerry. He was scared of everything, especially other spiders. His best friend Maria wanted him to join in all the spider games and tried to get Jerry to come but he didn’t want to. Maria knew she would have to trick him to coming. She got all the other spiders to dress up as flowers and gave Jerry a huge Halloween Flower party. He had so much fun with the Flower Spiders he forgot all about being scared.

6 Answers

Adrian Mesa Perez Nov 05, 2021

Hello teacher, I’m going to send a new story a little more scary. (the more the better!)

Once upon a time there was a spider called Bob. Bob was afraid of bigger spiders than he was. One day, a spider witch gave to Bob a potion that would make him bigger than the spiders that scared him. When Bob dranck drank that potion, he was the biggest spider of in the forest! But when he saw the spiders were scared, Bob went to the spider witch’s haunted house to took a potion to get back his normal size. And when he has his size, Bob was not afraid of the bigger spiders and he was happy.

I love this new version.  Lots of lovely details in there, I can imagine the Spider Witch’s haunted house already!  

Thanks for the update Adrian.

Lucas Yanes Castilla Nov 02, 2021

Many years a go there was a silly little spider who lived in a haunted house, and a black cat who was called Bu. He wanted to the spider to went go out, but the spider didn’t want to because he was scared of the other spiders. The cat said to the other spiders to wear costumes of flowers because the silly spider likes flowers. The black cat did a potion in a cauldron and he made flower costumes. The black cat told the silly spider that there was were flowers in the outside, and the silly spider went to the outside. The silly spider was friendly with the flowers. The End

Super story.  Flowers do make people (and cats and spiders) happy!  Well done, Lucas.



There once was a spider called  Raven, he liked walking on the beach . One day he saw  a his friend   Bob crab, and he  said “hello  my friend, would  you like  go to the halloween party with me?” bob crab said “YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!! I WOULD  LOVE .”

Together they went to the party, there they saw their friends,  Pepa skeleton, Sara ghost,  Dracula  vampire and Paula pumpkin.

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Nice one Valeria.

  I really like the conversation on the beach,  Raven and Bob are clearly good friends.  Don’t forget about capital letters at the start of a sentence.

<h4>There once was a spider called Himiko but she was so shy so she doesen’t  had didn’t have any friends.One day she tried to talk to Emily one girl of in her class,Emily had was 11 years old.  Himiko said hi to Emily and she answered hello!  Himiko and Emily talked all the day and on the night both were talking becousebecause they lived near  each other and then the little silly spider camedcame out of her house.  She thought that she will come to her home later but no, she went to Emily’s house but she coudentcouldn’t enter becousebecause they lookedlocked the door before to go to sleep. So the little silly spider Himiko went sadly to her home.

Paola Andrea Cabrera Quispe.

What a lovely story.  When it started, it was quite happy but it was sad at the end.  I hope Himiko and Emily met up the next day.

Adrian Mesa Perez Nov 01, 2021

There once was a spider called Bob. His best friend is called Fred. They always walk around the leafs of the plants of the forest.

One day, in their house, Fred was ill. Bob don’t knew how he can help his friend. That day, Bob give some medicine to his friend, and Fred was well! And now, they was happy.


Adrián M.




Marco Oct 31, 2021

There once was a spider called Mop. He was always a bit dirty because he played in the groud all the time. One day he decided to be clean because there was a Halloween party.

He took shampoo, water and a brush, but he made a mess with his eight legs, and at the end he had foam all over his body but he didn’t notice. So he went to the party to play trick or treat and he scared everybody with the foam.

🙂 (:


Wow!  That’s an excellent story.  I could see this as a kid’s book – it just needs some pictures!


Here you have a picture of the story.

Thanks, now it is even better!