Halloween 2021, PET and First

Your Halloween 2021 task is to write about halloween.  Think about these points:

  1. Do you celebrate Halloween?
  2. What do people in Tenerife think about Halloween?
  3. Do you think Halloween is becoming too commercial?

Write a short piece and give you opinion about Halloween.  Aim to write about. 100 words.

1 Answer

Hugo Ramos Gonzalez Oct 30, 2021

My ideas about Halloween in Tenerife

Every 31st of october we celebrate Halloween, a festival to take away all the bad spirits. Many people in the canaries have replaced All soul´s day by Halloween, what makes us lose our traditions. (*that makes us lose….)

I really celebrate Halloween in school not because I like,it´s because the society enjoys it.

People in Tenerife think that Halloween is a feast were you have to eat sweets and were you have to frighten everybody.

I think that Halloween is becoming too comercial because you have to buy the best costume and to scare the most.

Good comments Hugo.  I agree with you on that last point!