Halloween Homework 2022: Kids Box 2, 3 and Saturday Play (7-10 years)

Hi all, For homework, use your incredibly creative imaginations to draw your own haunted house, try to include as many scary and dark  Halloween vocabulary as possible such as a black cat, a witch, a rat, a spider, a pumpkin, a cauldron, a bat, a grave stone etc.  Then post your picture here and and describe your house in as much detail as possible. Try to use all the vocabulary we discussed in class.  Here is an example for your below.  I cant wait to see your pictures and read your descriptions.  Happy drawing and writing.


This is my haunted house. It is dark and scary.  It has yellow windows and a red door.   On the windows there are spiders and a spider web.  In the house there is a scary witch and a white ghost.  The ghost is coming out of the chimney.  In the garden there are lots of grave stones and orange pumpkins.  There is a yellow and orange cat.  The yellow moon is angry.

2 Answers

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[Teacher Comment] A lovely drawing of your haunted house with a lot of spooky Halloween things included, you have a great imagination.   A great description of your house, well done for using adjectives correctly.

This is my haunted house. It is purple and brown. On the windows there are spiders. On the roof there is a cat. The doors are ghosts. In the garden there are graves and pumpkins. In the sky are there is a witch and a bat.

[Teacher Comment] What a colourful, yet scary looking haunted house.  You have a lovely imagination, I especially like the doors made out of ghosts!  Also a great description of your house with minor mistakes.  Remember you can add simple adjectives like “a black cat’ to elevate your writing. Very well done to you.