Halloween Homework 2022: KB6 and KET

Hi all, For homework, after watching “The Corpse Bride” in English, using between 150 – 190 words, write a short film review using the structure below:

  1. What is the title of the film?
  2. What genre is it?
  3. What is it about?
  4. Is it based on a book?
  5. Where is the film set?
  6. When is the film set?
  7. Who stars in the film?
  8. Who plays the main role(s)?
  9. Who is your favourite character in the film? (Why?)
  10.  What kind of person would like this film?

Here is an example for you:

Film review

The Theory of Everything

Biographical drama, 2014

The Theory of Everything is about the scientist Stephen Hawking. The film is based on a book, ‘Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen’ by his wife, Jane Wilde Hawking. The film is set in England and starts in the early 1960s. It tells the story of Hawking’s relationship with Jane, the diagnosis of his motor neuron disease and his success as a physicist.

I love the acting in this film. Eddie Redmayne stars as Hawking and Felicity Jones plays the role of Jane. My favourite character is Stephen Hawking because he is very clever and brave.

I think this is an ideal film for people who like true stories.  It is a bit sad at times but the story is very interesting and there is a lot of action. I give The Theory of Everything ★★★★. Go and watch it soon!


★★★★Really good!

★★★ OK

★★ Bad

★ Terrible!


Happy writing, really looking forward to reading your reviews.

4 Answers

Alba Ortega de Felipe Nov 06, 2022

Film review

The Corpse Bride

Animation film,2005

The movie “Corpse Bride” is about a young man, Victor, who is going to get married with Victoria. When they see each other for the first time they fall in love. While Victor is practising the wedding vows in the fiesta graveyard, a die dead bride wakes up from the graveyard and she puts the ring on in her finger.

Emily was the killer for his boyfriend.

But finally Victor and Victoria get married

The movie is based a book “The finger”

The movie is set in England in 19 century. The protagonist of the movie,Victor,is played by Johnny Deep

The main characters are a Victor,Victoria and Emily .My favourite character is Emily and the worms .This movie would likes a  person who loves scary movies Tim Burton uses gloomy picture

The corpse bride ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ .Go and watch de movie!!


Marco Nov 05, 2022

  1. The Corpse Bride.
  2. – I think that this film’s genre is terror, drama, animation, etc.
  3. – Also this film is about a boy that accidently marries a corpse bride (Emily).
  4. – And this film is based on a Russian tale.
  5. – Plus this film was set at a little village in Enlgand.
  6. – Also this film was set in 2005.
  7. – And some actors an actress are  Helena Bonham Carter as Emily, Johnny Depp as Victor and Emily Watson as Victoria.
  8. – And Johnny Depp plays the main role.
  9. – Also my favorite character is Victoria because she had to live with so bad parents.
  10. – Plus I think that people that like drama films or animation films would love it.
  11. – My score is five stars *****

Adrian Mesa Perez Nov 03, 2022

Film review

“The Corpse Bride”

Fantastic genre, 2005

The story is about a boy who is going to marry, but he couldn’t because he couldn’t say the words well. And when he is in the forest, practising the words he need to say, suddenly, he put the ring into the finger of a corpse bride. It’s based on a russian novel of the nineteenth century. The film is setted in a sad village in the nineteenth century. Johnny Deep stars as Víctor and Helena Bonham Carter plays the main role of Emily, the corpse bride. My favourite character is Emily, the corpse bride, because is courius a dead person can get alife suddenly and do some magic things. I think this is a good film for people who like animated halloween films. Sometimes the film can scare you, but is a very good film. I give “The Corpse Bride” three stars. Watch it!

Yisel Ledon Lopez Oct 30, 2022

                                                   THE CORPSE BRIDE

The genres of this movie are animation, drama, family, fantasy, musical and romance, It is based on a Russian tale. It is located in a small European village, premiered on September 23, 2005 in the United States. The protagonist is Victor Van Dort, played by Johnny Depp, to Emily (Corpse Bride) Helena Bonham and to Victoria Everglot Emily Watson, tells the story of Victor, a boy who is sudenly taken to Hell, where he marries a mysterius Corpse Bride (Emily), while his real bride waits in the world of the living. My favorite character is Emily because she has a sad story behind.

I think anyone can like this story, I give it ★★★★, go see it!