Halloween Homework 2022: Kids Box 4 and 5

Hi All, for homework, you are going to tell me about your magic spell and what it does.  Use your amazing imaginations to draw your own cauldron and all the ingredients for your magic potion.  Then list your ingredients, write your magic spell and tell me what your spell does.  Here is an example for you below.  I can t wait to read your spells.

In my potion there is a log, a purple witches hat, a chocolate donut, a washing peg, a smelly orange sock and a green pen.  You have to mix all the ingredients and then add slime, water and washing up liquid.  It will start to bubble and bubble.  When the bubble becomes green,  orange and purple, you say the magic spell:

Smelly socks as orange as a face

Pointy hat as purple as hair

Chocolate donut as sticky as teeth

Mix and mix and mix and stick

Wooden log shine blue and bright

Washing peg as fingers and toes

Green pen as bendy arms and legs

mix and mix and mix and stick

Abracadabra, abracadabra, abracadabra


Then you become an scary monster

2 Answers

Ruben Hdez Glez Nov 09, 2022

[Teacher comment] Well done Ruben.  I really like your potion and the spell and its magic.  Who doesn’t want to be smarter? What a great magical idea, I may give a try myself to see if it really works!  A good piece of work, very well done.

Smelly socks as a banana as a face

Pumpkin for spooky nails

Apple for sharp teeth

Ball for a strong arm

Pokemon for a red hair

[Teacher comment] Guillermo a really good spell, but it would have been nice to see a drawing and understand what magic your spell does!