Kids Box Four Wild Animals

Watch the video about wild  animals. Pick your favourite from the video and write about it using some superlatives. (longest, tallest, funniest, fastest and many more)

For example:

My favourite animal from the video was the flamingoes. They have the longest legs and knobbliest knees.  They are the funniest bird because they are pink.

3 Answers




My favourite animal from the video was the Elephant.

The elephant is the bigest, it have got 4 legs and a longest trunk. he is the fatter  animal and thirstiest, because he drink 225 liters of water at day.

Tim says:  Excellent Lucia!  You’ve used lots of superlatives and included a picture.

Tim Porter May 07, 2020

From Berta:

My favourite animal of the video was the horses.
It have got four legs, a long horse hair and a a very dirty teeth.
I like the horses because it was majestic

Tim says: Good ideas Berta.  Watch out for “it has got” and match your singulars and plurals”I like horses ……they are majestic “

Also, where are your superlatives?!

My favorite animal from the video was the leopards . they run faster and  they are more colours . They eat meat.

Tim says: Thank you Tatiana, good try. But where are the superlatives? The leopards after the fastest, they have the most colours.