Teacher Profile

Miss Marie Le Guillou

My name is Marie le Guillou and I am French. I teach French at Learning First Tenerife.
I completed my studies in France, in Rennes and Marseilles. I worked for several years in different schools and with students of all ages.

Today I live in Tenerife and work with secondary students and adults. I like to share my knowledge of my language with my students and I think it is very important to work with a native teacher, especially in oral activities.
My classes are dynamic and allow you to discover French in a concrete way in relation to the everyday world. The exchange of interest is paramount and I adapt my classes to inspire my students differently.

In each class, I try to incorporate the different language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Whether it is for pleasure or to prepare for an exam is essential to practice all forms of expression through all kinds of tools.
I can say that for me, teaching is second nature.