You can download the calendar here.

11th September 2023: All the courses start

7th October 2023: Saturday Play Course starts

12th October 2023: Spanish National day

24th – 31st October 2023: Halloween themed classes

1st November 2023:  All Saints day

24th November 2023: Local holiday in Tacoronte moved to the 7th December 2023.  LFT is open on this day.

6th December 2023:  Spanish Constitution Day

7th December 2023:  Local holiday in Tacoronte moved to this day

8th December 2023: The Immaculate Conception

15th December 2023:  LFT Christmas Show

22nd December 2023: Last day of the first trimester

25th December 2023: Christmas Day

23, 26 – 29 December 2023: Christmas Camp.  Academic courses are not running, but Saturday Play will be open on Saturday 23/12/2023

30th December 2023 – 7th January 2024: Christmas Holidays

2nd February 2024: Our Lady of Candelaria holiday

5th- 10th February 2024: Carnival themed classes

12th – 17th February 2024: Carnival Holidays

25th – 31st March 2024: Easter Holidays

1st May 2024:  Labour Day

30th May 2024:  Día del Canarias

5th – 14th June 2024: Trip to London (exact dates are yet to be confirmed)

20th June 2024: LFT End of year show

22nd June 2024: End of all courses

24th June – 9th August 2024: English Summer Camp

10th August – 8th September 2024: Summer Holidays, LFT is closed.