Conversation Classes

Course Description:

Our conversation classes are all about developing the ability to express yourself in your chosen langauge with native speakers in a more natural way. Conversations classes are delivered through a diverse range of tasks such as roles play, games, presentations, debates/negotiation critical thinking tasks, problem solving tasks and persuasion tasks etc. These classes are great as a course on its own or as a complement to your general language course. Our courses teach everyday functional language to help our students communicate. However, we also discuss and implement various communication strategies, discourse markers, conversational features, paralinguistic language and of course prosodic features. Thus, allowing our students to not only develop their language skills, but also their communication skills.      

English (Group Classes)


10 meses

1 - 3 hours weekly

A1 - C2

Exams are available and vary depending on the level

From 50€ monthly