Teens (13-17 years)

Course Description:

We undertand that being a teenager is a very unique time in life where children are going through rapid growth and trying to understand their environment .  Our Teen courses are designed to reflect this time by aiming to inspire and engage teenagers to activate learning by teaching in a relevant way in which teeangers can easily relate to.  Our group calsses are very small, so we can offer a safe learning environment where teens can feel comfortable and secure, consequently enabling our teachers to build a good teacher-student rapport where we get to know our students likes and interests.  We then tailor our courses to build lessons based on their hobbies and interests to gain their undivided attention and make their learning in class feel very relevant.    

Group Classes

13 - 17 years

10 months

2- 3 hors weekly

A1 - C1

Exams avialbale, but differ depending on the CEFR level.

From 75€ per month