Piano Practical courses

Course Description:

At LFT, our piano classes follow the ABRSM syllabus, which is specifically designed to motivate students of all ages and a wide range of abilities. In total, there are 8 practical grades and an initial preparation grade for those students who are absolute beginners. There are no age restrictions and students can start with any grade or skip grades if they want to depending on their level. Students are taught a combination of skills and understanding, broadly, they are taught performance skills through pieces or songs, technical skills through scales and arpeggios, notation skills through a sight-reading test and listening skills and musical perception through aural tests. At LFT our music students play their instrument of choice from their first lesson, music theory is integrated into the practical sessions from grades 1-4, which helps keep the younger students motivated. Piano classes are conducted as individual classes or in groups of two.

Piano Practical

All Ages

45 minutes - 1 hour

10 months

Grades 0 - 8

ABRSM Practical exams every May/June

From 75€ monthly, depending on age, level and class type.