Young Learners (6-12 years)

Course Description:

The Cambridge Young Learner courses are designed for children aged between six and twelve years old. There are three levels within the young learner courses; STARTERS (Pre-A1), MOVERS (A1) and FLYERS (A2). The courses are designed to help your child learn English step by step and build on their learning each year as they move up the different levels. On the Young Learner courses you child will learn English from an early age, learn to communicate in real-life situations in English and will develop a positive attitude to towards learning English. Cambridge Young Learners exams (YLE) are conducted at our centre every July and are available at three assessment levels (Starters, Movers and Flyers), the assesments motivate children to work by monitoring their progress levels

English (Group Classes)

6 - 12 years old

10 months (80 - 120 hours)

2-3 hours weekly

Starters (Pre A1), Movers (A1), Flyers (A2)

Exams: Reading and Writing (20-40 mins), Listening (20- 25 mins) and Speaking (3-9 mins)

From 68€ monthly