Teacher Profile

Mr. Alberto Avila
  • 10 Years Experience

My name is Alberto and I am a teacher at LFT. I would describe myself as an innovative, energetic, charismatic and dependable Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher. I enjoy preparing stimulating lessons, identifying and analysing student needs, strengths, and weaknesses, overseeing experiments, as well as setting and grading assessments. I have 10 years of experience teaching and have taught various levels of learners, including primary, secondary and College students.

I am passionate about the sciences and have a sound understanding of scientific rules, methodologies, theories and analytics. I have a science and mathematics degree related discipline which I have practically applied in a working environment both in Tenerife and the UK.

I have experience teaching in both the British and Spanish education systems and I therefore have a sound understanding of both curriculum requirements and creating educational content that satisfy these requirements.

I am bilingual, I speak both Spanish and English. In my spare time I like to play tennis and learn languages.