Teacher Profile

Miss Meheraj Sultana
  • 15 Years Experience

My name is Meheraj Sultana and I am the director of the school, but I also teach Maths and English at Learning First Tenerife. I completed my higher education in the UK and have extensive experience working in London, as well as Spain. I have been teaching for many years and have experience teaching in a variety of settings with students of all ages and abilities, including children with special needs.

I consider myself to be an interactive and dynamic teacher and therefore the majority of my lessons are about doing practical and enjoyable exercises that students can understand and where possible, relate to in everyday life. I find that this drives motivation and interest in the subject and it creates a good teacher student rapport, which is essential in the learning process.

English is my first language and teaching it as a foreign language is an absolute joy. I have taught it in commercial language schools, secondary schools and institutions of higher education and in Industry. I place a strong emphasis on learning through dialogue and role play, I find that this is a fun and creative way of expression, which students usually enjoy participating in.

Having studied mathematics and teaching it for several years, it has now become second nature to me. However, I understand that many students enter my classroom with a not-so-favourable view of maths. I appreciate that it can be a challenging subject and my aim is for every student to become better ‘problem solvers’. Even if they do not learn every math concept, the ability to analyse and solve problems will carry with them throughout their lives.

In three words, my students would describe me as patient, caring and encouraging.