Teacher Profile

Mr. Kevin Martin
  • 2 Years Experience

My name is Kevin and I am an English teacher at Learning First Tenerife. I have been speaking English since I can remember and consider myself to be perfectly bilingual, with an American accent!

Being bilingual allows me to be aware of the hardships that my students go through and thus I am able to help them in a more efficient, practical and empathetic way.

I have a degree in English Studies as well as a Master’s Degree in language teaching and I have experience teaching English to children of all ages.

I love to make my lessons dynamic, enjoyable, and, most importantly, relevant for my students so that they can relate to it from a practical perspective.  Hence, I try to make my lessons as personalised as possible, taking into account my students’ own capabilities, likes, dislikes and necessities

I always look forward to getting to know my students in order to make their learning process a pleasant and enjoyable experience.  I look forward to teaching your children.