Teacher Profile

Mr. David Mahler
  • 2 Years Experience

Bonjour, je m’appelle David !
I am a native French teacher, and began my career in France giving
classes in a private school and teaching individuals at home. I’ve been
living in Tenerife since 2021, and immediately started to meet people in
order to improve my Spanish. Interchanging thoughts and experiences with
other people from different cultures is thrilling. I consider that my
mission of teaching French has to be thrilling for my students too.
Therefore, they will meet an interactive and dynamic professor who will
use many tools to make the lesson as productive and exciting as it can
be. For that purpose, I use to dig in the French culture to present not
only the language itself, but also art, history, entertainment, and
everyday life in the French society. I focus on the progress of my
students and offer them various types of exercises to help them
developing their vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, pronunciation skills…
A bientôt dans ma classe!