Teacher Profile

Ms. Barbara Acquemin
  • 2 Years Experience

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Barbara!
I am a native French teacher. I was born and studied in France until my 20’s. I have lived on the island of Tenerife for 18 years. After dedicating myself to translating and writing books, I decided to start to teach private French classes. I have been giving private French classes to people of all ages for two years. I am passionate about teaching my native language of which I am very proud of. My classes are dynamic and enjoyable and from my experience of teaching, I have seen that enjoyment and motivation during class is key for students to progress quickly. I focus on the progress of my students and in addition to teaching them my native language, I also involve them in French culture, which is also key to being able to speak correctly. Responsible and applied, I guarantee the best of me during the classes. See you soon!