Digital Transformation


Given the current situation of uncertainty caused by COVID, we have been forced to teach online classes and we must adapt the current offer to this option in order to continue teaching without interruptions and maintain the contunuity of the classes.

The activities carried out and the results obtained:

1. Improve current IT equipment to be able to offer quality online services
a. The purchase of 6 computer equipment was made to improve the resources available to teachers and students so that quality online classes could be taught.
B. Purchase of an Apple TV to project and share educational content with students both online and face-to-face.

2. Develop a business management system that allows us to provide a quality service in company-client relationships
a. A CRM system was developed that allows us to have a more controlled management of data, communications and, in general, all the relevant information of the company in a single database.
B. We have also improved the personalization of customer and student relationships
C. It has allowed us to turn all the information into useful data for the organization

3. Zoom tool to enable telematic meetings and presentation and document control tools
a. In this section, the investment was invested in a personalized tool that controls documents in the Google Classrooms style and that was developed specifically for Learning First Tenerife.



Clear and precise description of the objectives that have finally been achieved, and detailed explanation of the degree of fulfillment of the initially planned objectives:

1. Improvement of current IT equipment
a. Result: The computer equipment did not exist or it was simply personal and of poor quality, which was presenting problems when adjusting to the online training needs. With the new equipment, the teachers not only had no problems connecting, but they were also able to work simultaneously, in person or online. In addition, the new modern equipment allowed us to use more updated applications with the consequent improvement in teaching and improvment of results at the end of the course.

2. Development of a business management system that has allowed us to provide a quality service in company-client relationships
a. Result: By developing a CRM system, we were able to keep a better record of the progress of the students, considering that many of them did not go through the academy. We were also able to record communications with customers and therefore provide a better service according to their needs. In addition, it allowed us to develop a tool to track the day-to-day progress of the classes and designate a virtual area where students could go to  access and consult their results or assignments without the need to use email.
b. Results: All this has also been possible to do in a transversal way with decentralized access to relevant information by each teacher and by the management.

3. Development of tools for the presentation and control of documents in the style of Google Classrooms
a. Result: Development of the personalized tool that allowed us to control the documents that students use in their day-to-day learning, sharing material proposed by their teachers. This tool has been an important improvement for us when it comes to monitoring each student in an individualized way.