The Haunted Academy

The Haunted Academy

Halloween 2018

That time of year, when the weather changes and children dress up in their most terrifying costumes, Yes, HALLOWEEN HAS ARRIVED!

To get into the spooky spirit, LFT teachers put together a scary eerie lesson that was full of paranormal mystery. The carousel lesson consisted of three creative activities, each planned and designed to teach our students about the history, myths and traditions of Halloween in English.

Creatively, students were tasked to make all things Halloween. They made ghastly bats, gruesome masks, witches and magical wands.

Amusing Halloween vocabulary was taught alongside proper English vocabulary. Using their wands, students were assigned to transcribe and cast a magical spell. These can be found in our Halloween forum here:

The lesson ended with a traditional Halloween story and quick dance along to the Skeleton song.  You can see the Halloween Video by clicking on the link.

Of course, some tears were shed from the scariness of it all, but mostly, it was an enjoyable, engaging and memorable lesson. “That was the best day at the academy ever” said one student!

Below are some photos of some of our students with their magical wands.

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